Before 1971: The creation of two specialists
In 1907 the private company Kiekens is founded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands by Mr H. Th. Kiekens. Originally the company is manufacturing fans and forges. The desuperheater capabilities were developed in a collaboration with Shell in the 1950’s.


Analyzer Systems was founded in 1974 under the name Westinghouse E&I located in Zaandam, The Netherlands. After the company moved to St. Maartensdijk in 1980, it evolved from an assembly partner to a dedicated system integrator for process analysis systems 


1971 – 2015: Business broadening under Imtech
In 1970, Kiekens was acquired by Internatio-Müller, a conglomerate of 35 technical companies that was brought together in Imtech in 1993. The desuperheating portfolio remained a part of the business whereas the rest of the companies’ capabilities were sold in 1998 to continue as Kiekens products in Almelo, The Netherlands.


In 1990 Analyzer Systems was taken over by Internatio-Müller and renamed to Van Rietschoten & Houwens, region North West.

2015 – present: Renewed energy & growth
Late summer 2015 - following the bankruptcy of Royal Imtech NV - Imtech Industry International B.V. was acquired by a Dutch private investor’s family office as a ‘going- concern’.

Within the Industry International Group of companies, Analyzer Systems and Kiekens were brought together in the separate autonomous organization 360°KAS per the 1st of January 2017.