Kiekens Desuperheaters

Reducing the temperature of superheated steam and gas. That is our specialization since 1950. Desuperheating can be accomplished with different types of equipment; each having its own specific technology. Our long experience with both standard and special designs means that 360°KAS can offer the best technical solution for any desuperheating application.



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   Our in-line turbulent Venturi Type Desuperheater offers the lowest cost of ownership solution for desuperheating of high temperature and high pressure steam applications. As there are nog moving parts, no maintenance is required during the life time of the plant.

  Integration of the Venturi type desuperheater in a skidded solution, including the pipeline runs and the necessary auxiliary equipment such as steam and water control valves.

       Our insertion type Multiple Nozzle Spray (MNS) Desuperheater can be customized for a broad variety of process requirements such as very low till high pressure applications or cryogenic conditions.



  Our insertion type Quench (QUE) Desuperheater is based on the spray head of our MNS type desuperheater. It is a perfect solution for simple applications where both a low waterside turndown ratio and a small injection percentage can be accepted.