Relationship which getting only stronger over the years: from Sugar Land, Texas USA to Moerdijk, The Netherlands: 360°KAS and WELKER, Inc. have long lasting collaboration rooting deep in the past.

Over the years, the connection is only growing, therefore we are glad to announce that 360°KAS is now Authorized Product Partner of Welker, Inc. for the territories of Benelux, Germany and Poland.

Welker has been manufacturing ideas since 1954. A world-class manufacturer based in Sugar Land, Texas, USA, Welker is a proven leader in measurement equipment.  As evidenced by its more than 85 patents and numerous “Welker Original” solutions, such as the Welker Filter Dryers, Welker values innovation.  Pioneers in innovative product design.  Welker products are known for their quality and reliability.  Build a strong foundation for your solution with a name that exemplifies quality. Build with Welker.

We are happy for the continuation and strengthening of our bond with the high quality products’ manufacturer from The Lone Star state!

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