Boilers are one of the most fundamental systems of a plant: they produce steam out of water to power turbines for electric generating equipment. Boilers are part of a closed loop system where the water is recirculated throughout the system. In order to remain efficient in producing steam, the water must be treated to prevent scaling, corrosion, foaming and priming.


Being such an integral part of a plant operation, boilers should remain in a proper working order to prevent unexpected downtime and improve safety for its operators and the plant as a whole.


360°KAS has all expertise in house to design and assemble analyzer systems that improve the protection against corrosion/erosion from Boiler Feed Water (BFW). Through the past year we have supplied numerous panels and integrated analyzer packages with pH, conductivity (acid/specific/degassed), sodium and chloride analysis, for both use in general purpose and explosive atmospheres.


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