With our roots going back to 1974, 360°KAS has a long history in providing packaged analyser solutions for various industrial production processes worldwide. We share this 45 years of experience via a training that focusses on the various considerations encountered when engineering analyser cabinets, shelters and houses.  The objective is to guide the participant through the variety of decisions to be taken to come to a solid design of an analyser housing. We cover this in 7 distinct modules:

  1. Introduction, Location in the Field
  2.  Construction and Dimensions
  3. Utility Headers, Calibration & Validation Facilities
  4. Gas & Liquid Recovery Systems
  5. Power Distribution & Signals
  6. Safeguarding Systems
  7. Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Download our product sheet for more details about the modules offered.

Each 1-hour module can be followed online or combined into a 1 day (in-company) course. This training is open for anyone interested or working in the field of engineering, oil & gas and/or system integration.


If you are interested in a in-company course or would like to participate in the separate modular course, please enroll yourself via info@360kas.com.