An Introduction into our Ex SWAS Solutions

Boilers are one of the most fundamental systems of a plant: they produce steam out of water to power turbines for electric generating equipment. Boilers are part of a closed loop system where the water is recirculated throughout the system. In order to remain efficient in producing steam, the water must be treated to prevent scaling, corrosion, foaming and priming.


Being such an integral part of a plant operation, boilers should remain in a proper working order to prevent unexpected downtime and improve safety for its operators and the plant as a whole. Measuring water quality is therefore a crucial factor, but requires intervention in closed plant processes without danger.


Together with Endress+Hauser, 360°KAS has developed an Ex SWAS panel that monitors the water quality in your plant and keeps the integrity of the water steam circuit safe at all times.


Critical parameters such as pH, conductivity or sodium are reliably measured to prevent the accumulation of precipitation in heat exchangers, boiler pipes and superheaters. This results in  increased process control, minimized downtime and longer operational lifetime. The Ex SWAS solution is modular, scalable and can be customized to all your needs.


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