The importance of maintenance on an analyser system is without doubt one of the crucial factors for keeping your system operational to gain trustworthy and accurate data from the process you are running.


This sounds easy and logical, but in practice it is far from the truth: all kind of limitations occur often driven by a lack of knowledge, a lack of skilled people and/or a lack of material to replace defective parts or simply having the right tools (gasses e.g.) available to calibrate an analyser for instance.


Maintenance on your analyser(s) and sampling systems requires in depth knowledge of the analytical system and your process. 360°KAS offers its analyser (or QMI = Quality Measurement Instrumentation) specialists for flexible support of your own maintenance team during i.e. holiday period and turn-around.


The Customer Service group of 360°KAS developed a Life Cycle Service Management program for analytical systems, sampling systems and pilot plans. The program covers offers services from “commissioning” to “end of life service” and everything in between. The program is lean and flexible. That means that customers are free to select any of the 10 available service modules and that a Service Level Agreement can be customized to fit their own maintenance strategy.


One last note on this topic: clients often think we only provide these services on the systems we have engineered and assembled ourselves, or only in The Netherlands. The opposite is true: our Customer Service team acts globally and serves all kind of analyser systems, also the ones delivered by others.


Have we drawn your interest? If so, please contact Bram Noordam via for more information about our service capabilities.