New Project – Revamp Distillation Column

Last December, 360°KAS was awarded by ACTA vzw (an educational center for engineering and automation in Brasschaat, Belgium) for the revamp of the existing Distillation Column used to train students on the control of this important industrial production process.


The main activities encompass:

  • Relocation of the sample take off;
  • Relocation of the electrical components, cabinets and junction boxes from enclosure to existing cabinet outside the enclosure;
  • Integration of a 3-way valve controlled by level measurement;
  • Supply and integration of LEL detectors;
  • Relocation of emergency buttons currently placed in the enclosure to the four corners of the enclosure outside;
  • Supply of main switch and emergency button on existing cabinet outside enclosure.


The revamped distillation column will be commissioned in July 2019. For more information about the our Pilot Plant solutions please contact us via