Ex-proof Slurry Catalyst feeder

Successful Delivery – Slurry Catalyst Feeder Unit

In August 2019, 360°KAS was awarded by a Chinese EPC company for the supply of an Ex-proof Slurry Catalyst Feeder unit to a petrochemical company in Saudi Arabia. This slurry catalyst feeder injects fine (powder like) solid catalyst into a reactor at high pressure. The catalyst is suspended in an injection medium (e.g. mineral oil) that acts as a transport medium.

Ex-proof Slurry Catalyst Feeder unit The catalyst slurry is stored in a stirred vessel. A circulation pump keeps the slurry moving in the transport line to the injection syringe. The close coupled injection syringe then injects the slurry in accurate quantities around 1 cc into the main reactor feed at approximately 30 bars.

An identical standby feeder is integrated into the injection unit to allow uninterrupted operation alternating the units or switch to other catalysts/concentrations without production gaps. It is also possible to use the 2 units simultaneously e.g. for dosing of additives.

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