An introduction into our Ex sampling solutions

Sampling systems have to intervene in closed plant processes without danger, to generate information about the quality of certain process flows. When a potentially explosive atmosphere may be present, special regulations apply to all equipment used in such an area. Within the European Union these are summarized under ATEX 114 directive 2014/34/EU, IEC 60079 series Explosive Atmospheres standards (electrical equipment) and ISO 80079-36 and 37 for Non-Electrical equipment in explosive atmospheres.


360°KAS has all expertise related to explosion safety in house to supply safe analyzer and sampling systems for a broad variety of applications. CEMS, flue gas O2/COe, GC, H2S, Total-S, RVP, Moisture and HC dewpoint, Condensate, pH and Specific -and Acid Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Iron, Turbidity analysis are examples of our experience. Earlier this year we supplied an Ex analyser house including Siemens PGC’s, sample conditioning systems and an HV unit for the Shin-Etsu VCM plant at Botlek, The Netherlands (see article here).


Our experts have many years of experience with the ATEX directive and are continuously trained on ATEX, CompEx and IECEx-05 modules and regulations to remain in line with the latest developments. Please contact us via in case you have any queries related to sampling in zoned and non-classified areas.