New Project – Shin-Etsu

End of December 2017, 360°KAS was awarded for the supply of an analyser house including Siemens PGC’s, sample conditioning systems and an HV unit for the Shin-Etsu VCM plant at Botlek, The Netherlands. The Botlek plant produces vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), the raw material for the production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).


According to Shin-Etsu the order was awarded to 360°KAS for two main reasons: “First of all we greatly value the allocation of an experienced project team to our project, preferably with a project manager and a lead engineer we have worked with before. Next to the understanding of 360°KAS on this matter, our questions on important technical and commercial matters were satisfactorily answered (timely and complete) during the tender phase and the bid evaluation process. The commitment of 360°KAS to work together with the Shin-Etsu team to a successful project delivery, was decisive in awarding the order”.


The integrated system is expected to be delivered at site end of May after which 360°KAS is involved in commissioning & start-up. We are looking forward to a prosperous cooperation and successful project delivery.