360KAS Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS)

New Project – CEMS for Orpic Liwa

In December 2015 the Joint Venture of CTCI Taiwan & CB&I Nederland B.V. was awarded by Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company – Orpic a contract for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) for a Steam Cracker with Off-Sites & Utilities for the Liwa Plastics Industries Complex in Suhar, Sultanate of Oman. The project scope of work includes EPC for a grassroots 880-ktpa ethylene plant, pygas unit and MTBE unit, as well as all the related off-sites and utilities.

The 360°KAS order scope comprises 7 Analyser Shelters with redundant HVAC’ s and 12 pieces of CEMS analysers, the ABB-ACF5000. We believe that our experience and long track record in the design and supply of large analyser packages to major operators in the industry were important elements in positioning ourselves to win this work.

The integrated system is expected to be finalized in Q2 2018. We are looking forward to a prosperous cooperation and successful project delivery.

About Liwa Plastic Industries Complex (LPIC):

Liwa Plastics Industries Complex will transform Orpic’s product mix and business model, double company profit, create new business opportunities, generate significant employment opportunities and support the development of a downstream plastics industry in Oman.

Following commissioning, plastics production is forecast to have increased by more than 1 million tons, giving Orpic a total of 1.4 million tons of polyethylene and polypropylene production.

With the highly integrated complex in Suhar consisting of Orpic’s Refineries, Aromatics plant, Polypropylene plant, steam cracker and the downstream Polypropylene and Polyethylene units, the operation will be considered as one of the finest integrated refinery and petrochemical facility combinations in the world, and will achieve the maximum value-added for Oman’s hydrocarbon resources.

About Orpic:

Orpic (Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company SAOC) is one of Oman’s largest companies and one of the most rapidly growing businesses in the Middle East oil industry. Orpic’s Refineries in Sohar and Muscat, as well as the Aromatics and Polypropylene Plants in Sohar, provide fuel, chemicals, plastics, and other petroleum products, to Oman and to the world. To continue to meet the needs of Oman, and international markets, Orpic is undertaking three strategic growth projects known as [Muscat Sohar Product Pipeline (MSPP – 2017), Sohar Refinery Improvement Project (SRIP – 2017) and Liwa Plastics Industries Complex (LPIC – 2020)], in line with the company’s strategy to add value to the Oil and Gas resources of Oman. For more information, please visit www.orpic.om.