Remote Services

Remote Services

The 360°KAS Life Cycle Service Management program covers all the services necessary to maintain and operate your systems safe and accurate from initial start-up till controlled end of life cycle. As part of this program the following services can now be offered as remote support from our office in The Netherlands:

  • Supervision of Site Construction;
  • (Pre-) Commissioning & Start up;
  • Site Acceptance Test (SAT);
  • Training.

Remote support offers site personnel the possibility to interact with a 360°KAS professional when performing longer and more complex jobs such as commissioning. With the use of smart wearables, teleconferencing and remote software applications, our specialist can provide a step by step guidance to the technician in the field. If the client IT protocol allows, we can remotely access the control system over the Internet to monitor, configure and reprogram the system if required.

Download our Life Cycle Service management brochure for more details about the offered services.

Please contact our dedicated Customer Service department to evaluate the possibilities for your site location and systems.