Sindie Online analyser for sulfur detection

New XOS Service Agreement

As per the 1st of February 360°KAS will carry out maintenance to the XOS Sindie Online and Clora Online Process analyzers. Both types use low energy, state of the art X-ray technology to determine sulfur or chlorine in crude and fuel oil at sub ppm levels. In addition to the defect service and preventive maintenance, 360°KAS will also take care of the distribution of the spare components for both analyzers. The service area extends from the Scandinavian countries, UK, Benelux and Central Europe to Poland.

Bram Noordam, Manager Customer Service at 360°KAS: ‘I am very pleased with this contract. It seamlessly fits with our strategic objectives and our rapidly growing organization

Cees Oudijn, Business Development Manager XOS Netherlands: ‘360°KAS is the perfect partner for us. The existing service organization and the possibilities for system integration of sample systems with our analyzers complete the picture‘.