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Lab-scale Catalytic Pyrolysis Unit

This patented lab-scale unit offers a solution for pyrolysis of solid and/or liquid renewable feedstock (either waste or model compound) using a heterogeneous catalyst via an in-situ or ex-situ approach under N2 at an atmospheric pressure (catalytic pyrolysis) or under H2 at a high pressure (catalytic hydro-pyrolysis).  

360°KAS designs Intermittent LNG sampling System for USA client

For a FSRU of one of our clients in the USA, 360°KAS has provided the Engineering and Design of an Intermittent LNG sampling system including our unique probe/vaporisers (Cryosamp) fully according to the ISO8943. After manufacturing and testing we had a successful FAT last week. The FAT was in attendance of our end-user, a third […]

Oil in water analysers

Advanced Sensors continues to deliver step change technology for Oil in Water analysers. Advanced Sensors combines technologies such as fluorescence, absorbance, video microscopy with ultrasonic cleaning and optical spectrometry to ensure analysers provide precise readings; reliably and continuously. Module type DS and DP are Deep UV Fluorescence Oil in Water Analysers and module types FS […]

360°KAS wins bid for Analyser Shelter package for LNG Terminal in Poland

360°KAS wins bid for Analyser Shelter package including LNG sampling system for the Expansion of the Offshore Part of the Liquefied Natural Gas Regasification Terminal in Świnoujście in Poland We are proud to announce that we have been awarded a contract for the Engineering & Design and Manufacturing of a complete analyser package including a […]

360°KAS & ISCS Technical supply LNG sampling systems to New Fortress Energy

We are proud to announce that in close cooperation with ISCS Technical, 360KAS has been awarded the contract for the Engineering & Design and Manufacturing of three LNG sampling systems for NFE’s Golar Penguin, Golar Celsius and Golar Freeze. On each vessel, we will supply our unique probe/vaporizer system “Cryosamp” including an Intermittent LNG sampling […]

Hydrogen analysis solutions

360KAS offers various analysing solutions for Hydrogen (H2) 360°KAS has been providing hydrogen production related analytical solutions for many years. Our offer for hydrogen measurement includes solutions for various production methods: *Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) *Autothermal Reforming (ATR) *Shell Gasification Process (SGP) *Electrolysis Green hydrogen generation is still in a pioneering phase but investments are […]

360°KAS wins bid for complete Analyser package for Biofuel plant in The Netherlands

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded a contract for the Engineering & Design and Manufacturing  of the complete analyser package for Europe’s biggest biofuels facilities in Rotterdam Pernis. 360°KAS will supply three analyser houses (2x concrete and 1x GRP), several cabinets incl. gas and liquid analysers with associated sampling conditioning systems […]

Introducing the LNG Probe/Vaporiser – CryoSamp

After two years 360°KAS and SOCLEMA have come to a new step in their cooperation: per the 3rd of February 2021 the CryoSamp probe-vaporizer technology is fully owned and marketed by 360°KAS. With the addition of the CryoSamp, 360°KAS is able to supply its customers with a full pressure range including low pressures for the […]

Cooperation AP2E

360°KAS is qualified as partner by Durag Group for advising, supplying and servicing AP2E gas analysis systems. Especially our experience with Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) in combination with our international footprint was the reason that Durag initiated a further cooperation. With our sales and service engineers trained by Durag we are able to supply […]

Remote Services

The 360°KAS Life Cycle Service Management program covers all the services necessary to maintain and operate your systems safe and accurate from initial start-up till controlled end of life cycle. As part of this program the following services can now be offered as remote support from our office in The Netherlands: Supervision of Site Construction; […]